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Our products are made with love and a lot of attention to every step of the process from coconut tree to making the purest coconut products. Because we want the best for you and our beautiful planet.

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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

This is the only real RAW coconut oil in the world. Because we use a cold production process below 32℃ to preserve all the good nutritions of the coconuts. After the oil is cold pressed and filtered the product is packaged immediately in glass jars to maintain it’s high quality and freshness. Shelf life 2 years.

€18,95  – a big glass jar with quality seal

€11,95 –  a medium glass jar with quality seal

€5,99  – a small glass jar with quality seal



“In addition to the excellent service that this company provides, they sell a great product. A nice creamy oil with a pleasant coconut scent that is not predominant. The oil is very suitable for my skin, hair and teeth and my inner body. This way I can offer my body the best with one good product.”


“The small jar of coconut oil is very useful in my bathroom for my skin. I especially apply it on my age spots. My daughter uses it for her dry hair tips. It has also been a gift from god when my daughter had burned her finger. The large pot is in the kitchen, I spread on my bread daily and use it as a baking product. I do not think there is anything healthier.”


“Truly a good coconut oil and the taste is delicious. I use it for many things, on my skin and cooking. I can recommend it to anyone. Top quality, for sure!”


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