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Coconut oil


Organic virgin coconut oil

This is the only real RAW coconut oil in the world. Because we use a cold production process below 32℃ to preserve all the good nutritions of the coconuts. After the oil is cold pressed and filtered the product is packaged immediately in glass jars to maintain it’s high quality and freshness.

  • Unprocessed organic

  • Just one ingredient: 100% organic coconut

  • Vegan and free from chemicals, lactose & gluten

  • Characteristic taste of raw coconut

  • Smells like a just opened coconut

Shelf life 2 years. Does not have to be cooled. The structure is creamy and soft at room temperature. Solid at 24ºC, liquid above 24ºC. This change doesn’t effect the quality of the product. Always use a clean dry spoon when you take coconut oil from the jar.

“Vitaganica virgin coconut oil, a food and cosmetic with a silver lining.
In my practice I advise every patient to adjust their diet. In this advice, coconut oil fits perfectly as a replacement for margarines and for baking and roasting. It is a stable fat that can tolerate high temperatures without forming trans fats. Furthermore, it is a super product to use in your daily hygiene routine. It has a disinfecting effect and can be used to cleanse and nourish your skin. You can keep your teeth clean and your hair is also very happy with it. Therefore this product should not be missing in any family.”

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